Please note that this list is just the beginning of a compilation of works studied and performed.  It is forever expanding, and accumulating, and hopefully doing so for many years to come!

Works in red are written for and dedicated to Kate.

Solo Piccolo

Bouef:  Sept Preludes, Op. 47

Cooman: A Piccolo Celebration

Gippo: Age of the Virtuoso Piccolo

Goodwin: The Bird Fancier’s Delight

Issacson: The Fearless Whistler

Lam: Bittersweet Music

Lesemann: Slow Music for Piccolo Alone

Liebermann:  8 Pieces

Loeb:  Six Studies on East Asian PIpes

Lombardo: The Little Hornpipe

Persichetti: Parable for Solo Piccolo

Schocker: Walking Songs

Piccolo and Piano

Amlin: Sonata

Amlin: Sonatina Piccolo

Beaser: Souviners

Benshoof: Spindrift

Benshoof: Timeless

Bliss: Rima

Briccialdi: La Petite Anglaise, Op. 74

Brickett: Mocking Bird

Christensen: Piccolo Espagnol

Couperin: Le Rossignol en Amour

Cronin: Portraits

Damare: La Tourterelle, Op. 119

Damare: Le Roitelet

Damare: Le Rossignol de L’Opera

Damare: Piccolo Polka, Op. 157

Damare: Tarentelle, Op. 391

Damare: Third Grand Solo, Op. 410

Damm: Through the Air

Daugherty: The High and Mighty

Dorff:  Flash!

Dorff: Sonatine de Giverny

Elliot: Fantasy

Feld: Sonatina for Piccolo and Piano

Furstenberg: L’Oiseau des Bois, Op. 18

Genin: Fantasie sur  “Il Pleut, Il Pleut Bergere”

Hoover, Three Sketches

Johnson: Wind in the Pines

Kelly: Suite for Piccolo

Kelly: Passage

Kennedy: Desplazamiento

Kujala: Eurythmionics

LaMontaine: Sonata, Op. 61

Le Thiere: L’Oiseau Du Bois

Le Thiere: L’Alouette des Champs (The Sky Lark)

Lombardo: Winsey

Moore: The Merry Linnet

Mower: Sonata for Piccolo and Piano

Musgrave: Piccolo Play

Poulenc: Villanelle, FP 74

Presser: Rondo

Schocker: Piccolo Italiano

Schocker: Piccolo Sonata

Scott: Four Danses

Schocker: Sonata for Piccolo and Piano

Sharp:  Piccolo Sonatina

Shostakovich: Polka, Op. 22

Shostakovich: Prelude and Fugue in G, Op. 87 / 3

Tchaikovsky: March Miniature

Telemann: Sonata in F Major

Tsontakis: Fervore

Flute and Piccolo Concerti

Amlin: Concerto for Piccolo

C.P. E. Bach: Concerto in D Minor

J. S. Bach: Suite in B Minor, BWV 1067

J. S. Bach: Brandenburg Concerto No. 4, BWV 1049

Bloch: Suite Modale

Boccherini: Concerto in D Major

Borne: Carmen Fantasy

Broughton: Piccolo Concerto

Chaminade: Concertino

Devienne: Concerto No. 2 in D Major

Devienne: Concerto No. 7 in E Minor

Doppler: Fantasie Pastoral Hongroise

Dorman: Concerto for Piccolo

Gluck: Minuet and Dance of the Blessed Spirits

Goddard: Suite, Op. 116

Griffes: Poem

Hanson: Serenade

Haydn: Concerto in D Major

Ibert: Concerto

Khachaturian: Concerto

Kennedy: Desplazamiento

Liebermann: Concerto for Flute

Liebermann: Concerto for Piccolo, Op. 50

Martin: Ballade

McKimm: Celtic Concerto for Piccolo and Orchestra

Mercadante: Concerto in E Minor

Mozart: Andante in C Major, K. 315

Mozart: Concerto No. 1 in G Major, K. 313

Mozart: Concerto No. 2 in D Major, K. 314

Mozart: Concerto for Flute and Harp, K. 299

Nielsen: Concerto

Pergolesi: Concerto in G Major

Quantz: Concerto in G Major

Reinecke: Concerto

Telemann: Suite in A Minor

Vivaldi: Piccolo Concerto in A Minor, F. VI No. 9

Vivaldi: Piccolo Concerto in C Major, F. VI No. 4

Vivaldi: Piccolo Concerto in C Major, F. VI No. 5

Vivaldi: Various Flute Concerti

Kate also enjoys performing the many “Bird” pieces written for piccolo and Band.

For these choices, please contact Kate directly!

Solo Flute

C. P. E. Bach: Sonata in A Minor

J. S. Bach: Partita in A Minor

Berio: Sequenza

Bozza: Image

Clark: Zoom Tube

Debussy: Syrinx

Feld: Four Pieces

Fukishima: Mei

Gryc: Cinq Preludes

Hindemith: Eight Pieces

Honneger: Dance de Chevre

Ibert: Piece

Karg Elert: Sonata Appassionata

Larson: Lughnassa

Liebermann: Eight Pieces

Liebermann: Soliloquy

Paganini: 24 Caprices

Piazzolla: Tango Etudes

Ran: East Wind

Stamitz: Caprices

Telemann: Fantasies

Varese: Density 21.5

Flute and Piano

Amlin: Sonata

C.P. E. Bach: Sonatas

J.S. Bach: Sonatas

Barber: Canzone

Barrere: Nocturne

Bartok: Suite Paysanne Hongroise

Boehm: Grand Polonaise

Boehm: Variations on a German Air

Boehm: Nel Cor Piu, Op. 4

Borne: Carmen Fantasie

Bozza: Agrestide

Burton: Sonatina

Cassella: Barcarolle and Scherzo

Cassella: Sicilienne et Burlesque

Chopin: Variations on a Theme of Rossini

Clark: Hypnosis

Clark: Orange Dawn

Copland: Duo

Copland: Vocalise

Cortese: Introduction and Allegro

Couperin: Le Rossignol en Amour

Demersemann: 6th Grand Solo de Concert

Doppler: Fantasie Pastoral Hongroise

Dutilleux: Sonatine

Enesco: Cantabile and Presto

Faure: Fantasie

Faure: Morceau de Concours

Foss: 3 American Pieces

Feld: Sonata

Franck: Sonata in A

Ganne: Andante et Scherzo

Gaubert: Ballade

Gaubert: Madrigal

Gaubert: Fantasy

Gaubert: Nocturne and Allegro Scherzando

Geiseking: Sonatine

Handel: Sonatas

Haydn: Sonata

Hindemith: Sonata

Hue: Fantasie

Jolivet: Chant de Linos

Kennedy: Four Songs

Kuhlau: Three Grand Solos

Kuhlau: Six Divertisements

Lancaster: FlutePiece

Liebermann: Sonata

Martinu: First Sonata

Messiaen: Le Merle Noir

Muczynski: Sonata Op. 14

Poulenc: Sonata

Prokofieff: Sonata in D

Rachmaninoff: Vocalise

Reinecke: Sonata “Undine”

Rhene-Baton: Passacaille

Saint Saens: Air de Ballet

Saint Saens: Odelette

Saint Saens: Romance

Saint Saens: Pavanne

Sancan: Sonatine

Schoenfield: Achat Sha’alti

Schubert: Introduction and Variation

Schumann: Three Romances

Schwantner:  Black Anemones

Taffanel: Andante Pastorale & Scherzettino

Taffanel: Fantasie Sur La Freychutz

Taktakishvilli: Sonata

Telemann: Methodic Sonatas

Telemann: Suite in A Minor

Tulou: Grand Solos

Widor: Suite