Performance Reviews

~ As I mentioned to you, there has been lots of “buzz” about your concert and class.  Some of things that students are saying include, “she played beautifully and looked gorgeous,” “she was so sweet and had such warm, encouraging things to say in the master class,” “I wish Ms. Schaub would come back every year,” and “inspiring playing and personality.”  I totally agree with those comments!  Thank you for taking time out your busy life to share your talents and insights with us.  It was a pleasure having you come to CWU, and please know that you have a standing invitation to come back any time.

Hal Ott – Professor of flute, Central Washington University (2014)

~ I have listened to your music with great pleasure.  You play beautifully.  You have collected together a stunning variety of works for piccolo.  I imagine this is the first of such a collection.  It is rare to hear piccolo as a solo instrument, out and about from the orchestra.  Your work will be inspirational for many players and very encouraging for composers.  I feel honored that you have included the “Air”.

From the very first moment you give to the listener the simple beauty of the piccolo, opening the door to the range of music possible on a somewhat impossible instrument.  You do this with grace and passion.  A rare and delightful virtue.

Barry McKimm – Composer (RE: Timeless CD, 2014)

~ I feel compelled to tell you how beautifully you presented Martin Kennedy’s Desplazamiento.   You have completely turned my head in my regard for what the piccolo can accomplish musically.  Beautiful tone colors, amazing control of the 3rd octave – but I’m talking technique.  Most of all what shines in your playing is your musicality.  Brava!

Jan Boland – Red Cedar Chamber Festival (RE: NFA Performance 2013)

~ Kate Prestia-Schaub ….playing “Rondo,” for piccolo and piano by the American composer, William Presser (1916-2004).  This little work is often performed as a competition piece for reasons that are obvious, especially if you play the piccolo.

What’s particularly impressive is that she’s playing on a new Powell Sonaré piccolo of innovative design.  She was flexible, and the instrument proved to be very good, so the results speak for themselves, but not many players would attempt such a difficult piece on a new instrument.  Kate is one of those musicians who cheerfully does 97 impossible things before you know it, and leaves you agog and wanting to hear more when she’s done.

Timothy Burnett -Powell Flutes (2012)

~ What a fabulous performance. The patrons loved every minute of it. Personally I loved the entire program. What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Robert Culverhouse, Jr. Secretary, Golden Valley Music Society/Classics at the Merc, coordinator.

~WOW! What a great performance of my piece….thank you!!! Bravo!! You have become a real champion of this piece, no doubt about it. Terrific performance of a difficult piece. I should know…I wrote it!

Steve Kujala (RE: Eurythmionics performance at the International Piccolo Symposium, June, 2009)

~ Kate and Christi, your performance of Flash! is a sensation – amazingly exciting and in-command the whole way. A finessed tightrope walk. It is a knockout for me to hear your recital!! Thanks!!

Daniel Dorff (Composer of Flash! Performance at the IPS, June, 2009)

~ Your just magnificent playing on these recent YouTube videos is full, rich and expressive. You are among the best in the world on piccolo. Hope you get the recognition and acclaim–and gigs–you deserve.

Jerry Pritchard, Professor of Music Emeritus, CSU, San Bernardino, CA.

~ For several years I had the pleasure of having Kate play in my Indiana University Wind Ensemble. She is an outstanding musician and I was reminded of this daily as I listened to her beautiful sound, technical virtuosity, and sensitive musicianship. Kate was without question, one of the most dependable performers I had in my 36-year tenure at IU.   She has such a pleasant personality; I looked forward to her engaging smile and positive leadership during every rehearsal. Her loyalty and influence on the ensemble was truly amazing. She was well liked and respected by everyone. There is no question in my mind that she will be highly successful in teaching and performing during her entire music career.”

Ray E. Cramer, Emeritus Director of Bands – Indiana University; President – The Midwest Clinic

~ I was amazed and awed by Kate Prestia-Schaub, who gave the piccolo masterclass and performed the first movement of the Lowell Liebermann concerto in the Gala Recital. Kate is a rock star — there are no two ways about it. The piccolo is the easiest instrument in the world to play badly. I have heard a lot of bad piccolo playing (most notably coming out of ME. I suck at the piccolo). Sunday night was the first time I really truly HEARD the Liebermann concerto and its beauty, because Kate has a mastery and sensitivity far above anyone else I’ve heard. Not even at the piccolo masterclass at the NFA convention (in which I didn’t play, mind you–I was the door monitor) have I heard the picc played so well. Such control, such sensitivity, wow!

Polly Moller – Flute Performance Artist, San Francisco, CA

~ What a loving breath of fresh air that you produced at last nights Artist Showcase at the Merc in Temecula. I now feel it was like allowing in a breath as if I were standing in the middle of a Secret Garden, observing a beautiful waterfall and taking a breath of gratitude, love and ease. I especially liked Lughnasa and Telemann’s Fantasy # 2. Kate is truly a gem and it was well worth the drive up from San Diego to hear her play!

Patrick J. Carney – Referral Institute, San Diego

~ Kate Prestia Schaub’s piccolo playing was magical and certainly the highlight of the program.

Deanna Hahn-Little (Mid-South Flute Festival 2006), Middle State Tennessee University Flute Professor

~ Kate Prestia-Schaub was a guest lecturer at our flute festival this year. She was a wonderful player, great teacher, and extremely friendly and gracious to everybody

Mid South Flute Society Board Member

~ As a new flutist on the scene, Kate Prestia-Schaub added greatly to the lushness on the ballads, and a lovely airy quality to the swing tunes.

Dewey Erney RE: Lucky To Be Me CD

~ It was an honor to meet you and rehearse together, and the highlight of my NFA week to hear your performances. Many people mentioned you’re the new front line in a great flute dynasty and mentioned how much they admired your grandfather. He would be very proud to hear you play last week!

Daniel Dorff – Composer (RE: 2005 San Diego NFA Convention)

~ Kate Prestia-Schaub, winner of the NFA Piccolo Artist Competition in 2002, performed two recent piccolo pieces during this recital. Her playing was absolutely gorgeous with variable vibrato and a dark, sweet tone – my apologies if you missed hearing her.

Becky Smith – 2005 NFA convention reviewer