“Expert enchantments

with bravura and

fiery enthusiasm!”

~ The Flute View Magazine


“The conviction and polish mark these performances as undeniably superb.”

~ American Record Guide


“Olivia’s light started glowing brighter from the first smile and encouraging word Kate shared with her.”

– Tamera Davis (Parent)


“Kate Prestia-Schaub is an amazing performer … gifted with a beautiful tone and can actually make the “little flute” sound rich and full-bodied in the mid-register.  Her technique is very impressive…”

~ Audiophile Audition

“She gives a terrifically fluent performance that shows her masterful virtuosity.  Most important, however, is the music of the piccolo, and that is truly beautiful.”

Fanfare Magazine

“Kate is the best teacher I will probably ever have.  She has taught me how to work hard and accomplish my dreams though perseverance and love.”

Annie Farnbach

“Unbelievably awesome.  Dead-on accurate through that unrelenting onslaught of notes, and graceful all the time.”

Daniel Dorff

“Her playing is lyrical and her sound is quite engaging.”

Flute Talk