K8trills Studio Remarks

Parent and Student Remarks

~ Thank you for everything you’ve done for me.  I’ve grown so much as a flute player in the last few months.  You have also become like a role model to me and I value everything you say to me.  (Cassidy Altevers, Student – 2016)

~ Thank you for yet another amazing year of music and love.  I learned so much this year, like how to count my phrases smoothly, and actually play all the notes!  And even though I might’ve not made All Southern honor band, I am proud to say that my audition was one of my best performances so far, all thanks to you!  Although I feel like I’ve improved a lot this year, I know that I have thousands of miles to go if I ever want to be anywhere as jaw dropping gorgeous as you.  Thank you for keeping motivated this semester even when I was stressed because of marching band.  I simply cannot wait for the years to come!  (Irin Shim, Student  – 2016)

~ You’ve taught me so much more than just flute. You’ve taught me how to be confident, how to speak, and especially how to stop lingering over my mistakes. I truly am grateful that I got to meet you, even more to have you as a teacher. Thank you so much, Kate. For everything you’ve done. (Carleen Villarreal, Student 2012-2015)

~ Kate is one of those teachers that inspires you to do the best you possibly can in the most encouraging of ways. She has the perfect balance between positive feedback and constructive criticism. Her studio reflects her strong competence as a teacher and as a performer. It has this warm, inviting environment where all of her students, from the strongest to the weakest player, feel comfortable yet also motivated. (Breanna Ohler, Student 2007-2014)

~ Thank you so much for being the most AMAZING flute teacher there ever could be! You were such a blessing and we were so thankful for the time we spent with your studio. (Kelcey Parker, Student 2011-2013)

~ Thank you Kate! You have helped me improve so much! You have inspired me to be the best musician possible. I aspire to be like you. You make me laugh, smile, and make me enjoy music so much! I am so grateful to have you as a teacher, and will appreciate you for the rest of my life for what youve taught me. I love you so much! (Maeve McGonigal, Student, 2010-2015)

~ Kate is the best teacher I will probably ever have. She has taught me how to work hard and accomplish my dreams though perseverance and love. She is fabulous and she knows how to make things easy to understand. I am so thankful I met her, and I will be sad and miss her when I go to BYU next year. (Annie Farnbach, Senior 2013, Student, 2007-2013)

~ I can’t begin to tell you how thankful I am to have had you for a teacher for these past few years. You’ve been a role model and a great friend. You have changed my life for the better in so many ways. Seriously, I could not be who or where I am today without your help and support. We’ve had so many fun times together. There’s too many to write, but some I’ll always remember are: our trip to LA for Christina Jennings, Wally Kujala flute day, and so much more! I love you and respect you so much. I’ll never forget you. You inspire me as well as your other students. You are the best teacher EVER! Thanks so much for everything! Love, Michele Beam (Student, 2006 – 2009)

~ I just want to thank you for being my teacher this year. I’ve learned so much from you, and we did so many things. I loved going to all the Master Classes with everyone, and I always want to go to more. I loved hearing you play at all of your concerts. You’re wonderful in every way, Kate. Thank you so much. – Love Megan Thudium (Student, June, 2009)

~ You are an inspirational teacher! You’ve taught me so much and I could have never made it this far without you and your fantastic teaching skills. XOXO Patricia Bradley (Student, 2006 – 2010)

~ Love, love, love your beautiful way with Olivia, and all your remarkable students. The most important thing for my daughter was to capture the love for flute before the passionate light faded. Her light started glowing brighter from the first smile and encouraging word you shared with her.   Am looking forward to many more sessions between you and Olivia. Thank you! Your fan, Tamera Davis (Mother of student, January – 2009)

~ Congratulations to you and your students!!!!!!!! The recital last night was so awesome! I LOVED hearing every single one of your students! It was the best recital I have EVER attended!! Your students looked happy (even despite the expected nervousness of the occasion) and they played so well! So many had a beautiful tone and were well prepared! Also, they looked and conducted themselves very professionally. I can see why you are busting your buttons with pride!!! As well, the church, so festively decorated, was a beautiful and acoustically friendly venue. You are a gifted teacher. Your love for the flute and your students shows through and you bring out the very best in your aspiring student flutists with your humor, your stories, your professionalism, and your belief that we can all DO IT! Kathy and Allison Hamilton (Mother and daughter, both students, December – 2008)

~ Thank you so much for taking Michele out to LA with you. What a great experience that was for her! She also really enjoyed the Symphony at the Temecula Winery and thank you for that also. Also — I want to thank you for all the effort you have put into doing research and helping Michele choose the various colleges. She really has great respect for your professional opinion about the music, the lessons, the schools, the programs. You have been a very positive mentor for her, and we appreciate that very much. Marie Beam (Mother of student, November – 2008)

~ Abby had her first rehearsal today and came home very excited and continued to play for an additional 3-4 hours! There are 5 flutes and they gave her all first flute parts. We are very proud and I know she has been with you only a short time, but I can honestly say you have had a great impact on her! Thank you, Karen Black (Mother of student, September – 2008)

~ I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you Thank You for your kind words to Breanna on Monday. She has worked so hard on her recital piece.   Thank you so much for being so encouraging and so supportive with your words. You are so sweet and such a blessing to both Breanna and me.   Thank you for picking her spirit back up and getting her back on her feet. Thanks again Kate, Theresa Ohler (Mother of student, November – 2007)